My name is Andy Gray, I’ve practiced as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist for approximately 25 years, as a Tutor/Lecturer, and Counselling Supervisor for 20 years. I have been in private psychotherapy practice for the whole of my psychotherapy career, and have also been employed as a Senior Psychotherapist in a CYP service, and Senior Manager in two psychiatric hospitals. I’ve worked for various private training providers and universities across the united kingdom, mostly as an academic lead for Pg Dip level CBT Diplomas. I am however trained in various counselling modalities, and as a trans-theoretical counselling supervisor. I’m also undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Christian Theology.

  • Emma Nichols

    Lead Tutor

    My name is Emma Nichols, I am a Person-Centred Counsellor. I am trained to work with adults and young...